0.5A Output Current, High Speed MOSFET Gate Drive Optocoupler. Be suited for high frequency driving of MOSFETs used in Plasma Display Panels (PDPs), motor control invertor applications, etc Package: DIP-8/SMT-8
Digital Logic Ground Isolation; Line Receiver; Microprocessor System Interfaces; Switching Power Supply Feedback Control; Transistor Inverter. Be suitable for application in noisy environmental conditions. Package: DIP-8
Current driving.Be suited for driving circuit of power transistor module up to 20A, Package: DIP-8
1.0A~2.5A Output Current Gate Drive Optocoupler, capable of driving 800V/20A IGBT or MOSFET. It is ideally suited for fast switching driving of power IGBT or MOSFETs used in motor control applications, and high performance power system.
0.4A and 0.5A Output Current.Be suitable for the gate driving circuit of an IGBT or power MOSFET. Package: DIP-8
Current transfer ratio: 50%; Be suited for Programmable Controller; AC / DC−Input Module; Solid State Relay It has TLP621 one, two and four units. The package: DIP-4/-8/-16
FOD814 Series: AC line monitor; Unknown polarity DC sensor; Telephone line interface. FOD617 and FOD817 Series: Power supply regulators; Digital logic inputs; Microprocessor inputs. Package: DIP-4/SMD-4
High noise compatibility, the drive current 3A, the maximum operating frequency of 250kHz, high-speed IGBT / MOSFET driver optocoupler, Package: DIP-8, SMT-8
250/400V voltage reaches a peak triac driver optocoupler, 5300V isolation voltage, DIP-6 package
Linear optocoupler
High-speed optocoupler
6 feet universal optocoupler